Congratulations to this year’s ACE Awards winners - volunteers, teachers, administrators, and classified staff - and to the recipient of the first ever OCCU Lifetime Achievement Award, Sally Huling. Thank you, all, for the difference you've made in our communities and the lives of our students.

TheACE Awards Winners


  • Volunteer – Kathy Rich
  • Classified – Sheri Coddington
  • Teacher – Erin Moss
  • Administrator – Jill Robinson-Wolgamott


  • Volunteer – Anne Bridgman 
  • Classified – Michelle Bierman
  • Teacher – Clair Wiles
  • Administrator – Harlan Coats


  • Volunteer – Christina Scott
  • Classified – Jean Costin
  • Teacher – Brent Sasser
  • Administrator – Brooke Wagner




Mission :

The mission of the ACE Awards (A Champion in Education) is to share our collective belief in the power of public education and to celebrate everything that is right about our local schools and the people who make it so.